The idea is to get as many people to sponsor your bike ride to raise as much money as possible.


This can be done in two ways

  1. Paper Sponsorship Form   

      By passing round this form to you family and friends asking them to complete the form.

      If you decide to use the paper format the form can be downloaded on the Sponsorshp Form

      tab on the left and then printed from your computer.


  2. Online Sponsorship 

      This has proved to be a much more effective way of getting donations and we encourage

      you to use this method of raising funds.


Creating your online Fundraising Page


Select the Online Sponsorship tab on this web site and open up the Virgin Money Giving site where you can register and start getting donations online.

     - To start the process select the tab "Start Fund Raising" and complete the process

      - Detailed instructions on how to complete this process can be found on the Sponsorship

        Guide tab.